So Long 2013-14

Thanks so much for the wonderful year. Your generosity and support were overwhelming. I am blessed.

The kidblog will continue to be active if you want to encourage some blogging this summer. Your child is also still active on Xtramath (email me for a password for a different computer) and Sumdog.

I also have some other Internet ideas for learning support over the summer. Email me if you would like that information.

Thank you again!!

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Third Grade News–June 2-5

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The slide show is of my table at home for the last two weekends, our final kindergarten reading buddy celebration and algebra around the room.


Schedule for the week:

Monday, June 2: Do NOT bring your computer. Soak City: If you are driving, please be at Salem at 9:00. We will leave for Soak City around 9:15. We already have the tickets and the park opens at 10:00. Mrs. Rumsey and I will remain in the same place all day long and each student will check in with us after every ride unless a parent offers to follow the students. Each student NOT with a parent will HAVE to be with a partner and they will check in together. Those not checking in on a regular basis will be pulling up a chair next to the teachers for awhile. I will pass out lunch vouchers to each student when they are ready. We will leave the park by 2:30 to make it home by circle time.

Tuesday, June 3: Our last day with Tutors with Tails–If you made cookies, make sure to send them in. ALSO: Bring your computer–We will begin bringing our classroom supplies home–Tommy Burger will be on campus for lunch–Back-up your child’s computer on a hard drive as he/she will be turning it in for the summer on Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 4: Clean-up day/Discovery Workshop…Bring your computer to turn in–Send in anything from home for us to dissect for Discovery Workshop–If you ended up with a songbook or NIrV Bible at home that you would like to donate, we’d love to add them to our collection.

Thursday, June 5:     :(    We will have more Discovery Workshop and final chapel…bring tissues for your teacher. The chapel begins at 10:15 and school is dismissed when it is over.

Some last minute reminders:

-Library books should be returned by now–if your child would like to borrow a book from me over the summer, I’d rather loan them out than have them sitting in the closet unloved!!

-I will continue to monitor Xtramath during the summer and would encourage a routine of practice to keep those math facts secure in our growing brains. I would also recommend a routine of reading and writing on kidblog–even better: writing about your reading! A break from school is necessary to replenish our energy, but a break from learning should never happen. Make sure your child is reading books in which he/she has a lot of interest.

Let me take this space in our last Third Grade News to thank you for your partnership this year. I really couldn’t do this “job” without you! I am completely blessed to have been able to spend this year with your family.  Please stop by whenever you can. Have a superb summer vacation! If you don’t have a church home, we’d love to see you at Salem in June, July and August…

A special shout out to Stacy Ettinger, who has been an A+ room mom! XX  OO


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Third Grade News–May 27-30

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The slide show is of our visit from Bruno, the police dog, who is feeling very, very well and Officer AJ, his partner, with some classroom learning thrown in, also.

The book commercials have been turned in and we will continue showcasing them this week. I have been very impressed so far.

Salem Library books should be returned by now–if your child would like to borrow a book from MY library over the summer, I’d rather loan them out than have them sitting in the closet unloved!!  ALSO: Often my classroom books disappear and are found months later. If you happen to find some books from our room hidden in your child’s backpack or under some dirty clothes in their room, please return them when school starts again so I can share them with the new third graders. No questions asked!

Check out how many books we’ve read this year on our kidblog site? It’s very impressive!

Tuesday, May 27–Free Dress begins       ALSO: The PTL governing board would like to celebrate all our volunteers from the year. If you have helped to make Salem a better place in any way (That means ALL of you!), please join the board in the gym at 8:45 for a continental breakfast. There will be a report of all the things accomplished by you this year, as well as some plans for next year.

Thurs, May 29–Our last meeting with our kindergarten reading buddies. They will bring a treat for us and we will provide a drink for them (juice box, water, etc–no soda, please). We have been creating a book for them during our writing time.   ALSO: Uniform Exchange Day–bring your gently-used, clean uniforms to the chapel between 8:00-11:00 and receive a credit slip to shop on Friday.

Friday, May 30–The chapel will be open from 9:00-11:00 to purchase used uniforms for next year.

Sunday, June 1–School Closing Service @ 10:30 AND our Spring Musical-“The Agape League” @ 2:00–Plan to meet in Mrs. Rumsey’s room at 1:45.

Monday, June 2–Soak City–You should have received a permission slip last week.

Tuesday, June 3–Our last meeting with Tutors with Tails––(please see BIG FAVOR note below.)

Wednesday, June 4–Computer turn in–ALL computers will be returned to Mr. Busch so he can clean and re-image them for next year.

Thursday, June 5–Last day of school :(   Chapel begins at 10:00 and school is dismissed after chapel.

On the last two days of school (June 4-5) I’d like to have a Discovery Workshop. To do this, I’d like you to send in old things that can be disassembled. I have an old vacuum cleaner that we will be taking apart. I also have some old VCR tapes. If you find something that is fit for the trash in the next couple weeks, that might be fun to disassemble before it gets thrown away, send it in. I am planning on beginning the project after lunch on Wed and continuing it through Thursday morning. We will also have some games for those who aren’t interested in dissecting things. I’d like to invite any parents who want to supervise–or help. I’m assuming it will create a happy mess, so if you’d like to join us, let me know and I will share our schedule as it gets closer.

BIG FAVOR: We would like to let our therapy dogs know how much we loved reading with them this year by writing a note for each of them and their handlers and then gifting them with a couple home-baked natural canine cookies. The recipe is very simple–just peanut butter, eggs, flour and water. If you would be willing to make a batch or two for us in the next week, it could really help us out. Just email me with your offer and I will send you the recipe ASAP. (They don’t need to be fresh.) 


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Third Grade News for May 19-23

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The slideshow shows us collaborating during math class and participating in both field day and the Day of the Dog and the Vet community event.

Field Day was amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who was able to help and/or attend! If you see one of the jr. high teachers, make sure to let them know what a fun day they have designed. Thanks also goes out to Lisa Threshie and Nicole Pachol for organizing lunch.

Thanks to all who joined Tutors with Tails on Sunday. It was a terrific community outreach for Salem!

Book Commercials due this week! Turn them in any day up to Friday.

Our offerings this week (month) will go to Ronald McDonald House. Third graders are collecting plastic utensils. Bring them to school any day this week.
If your child has a summer birthday, he/she brought home a note last week with the date we will celebrate. If you did not get that note, please let me know.
-Tuesday, May 20–Final day to collect recyclables–If you have any at home, send them in!
-Wednesday, May 21–BBQ orders due–I emailed the order form last week. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will send a new one.
-Friday, May 23–7th grade BBQ–-All proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House.  ALSO–All books are due back to the library. ALSO–Last day to turn in book commercial
-Monday,May 26–no school–Memorial Day
-Tuesday, May 27–All Salem volunteers are invited to be appreciated at the PTL meeting in the gym beginning at 8:45. We appreciate YOU!
-Sunday, June 1–Art and Music Day–Plan to be in our classroom by 1:45
-Monday, June 2–Soak City–a permission slip will come home this week
-Tuesday, June 3–In N Out burger on campus
-Wednesday, June 4–computer turn-in day
-Thursday, June 5–School dismissed at 11:00
For next year: A note came home last week for Battle of the Books, a fourth grade program for those who are great readers and want a challenge. If you did not get the note, let me know and I will send a new one home.
Remember: A reasonable bedtime will be very important these last few weeks of school. We are anxious to finish our year, and often routines go out the window way too soon. Keeping a schedule is important to finishing strong. (Preaching to myself!)

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Third Grade News–May 12-16

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The slideshow is of creating our Mother’s Day books, practicing our money skills, a drawing class with Peter Reynolds–a popular children’s author and illustrator–and a couple tweets from the week!

Here’s hoping all you moms had a relaxing, delightful day in your honor. We wouldn’t be who we are without your care and love!! We hope you loved our second published book, created in your honor.

There will be no spelling or memory this week due to all the music practices, field day practices and Field Day! Whew! We’re going to be BUSY!!

I sent in the Scholastic order last week, but you may still order if you missed the deadline. Just let me know that you placed the order.

Monday, May 12Community photos due–Final photos due today! We began putting our project together last week and will finish during class this week. Thanks so much to our drivers, who arranged for us to notice more in our community. Our conversation in the last two weeks has completely changed as to what is necessary to maintain a safe and clean community where people want to live. We will be completing most of the rest of the project in class.

Friday, May 16–Field Day––Everyone is invited! (as long as you root for the Orange Outlaws :))

Saturday, May 17Day of the Dog and the Vet–We would like to invite every third grader to sign up to read with a dog for 15-20 minutes so we can showcase the Tutors with Tails program at this community event at the Mara Brandman Horse Arena. Our hope it so get two or three third graders at each time. This is completely optional!   ALSO–Salem Cruise In car show at Salem

Book Commercials Due–the week of May 19-23–we have studied book commercials, chosen our books and begun our storyboards for our commercials. We will be working on them in class this week but I have also put the commercial on the Home Ed schedule. It can be turned in anytime during the week, but must be in by May 23

Library books due May 23

Memorial Day–Mon, May 26–no school

PTL General Meeting and honoring of Salem School volunteers–Tues, May 27

Spring Musical–Sun, June 1

Soak CityMon., June 2–permission slip will come home soon

Last day of school–Thursday, June 5   :( (half day)

Thanks to everyone for continuing to keep our service project in mind when (spring) cleaning out your linen closets. The animals at the shelter appreciate your giving heart! We have a huge load to drop if anyone would like to make a trip for us.

Please remember that a good night’s sleep, healthy breakfast and healthy snack and lunch are essential for a full day of learning! As our time runs out, it is beginning to get harder and harder to focus.


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We didn’t do so well yesterday on rounding day, but we were able to take a campus walk today and find lots of squares. Here are the tweets we made:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.21.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.21.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.21.23 PM


Here are a couple others:

photo photo (1)

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#mathphotoaday–repeating patterns

We were pretty slow today, but Ava started us off with a good one:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 7.17.53 PM

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