Third Grade News–Aug 31-Sept 4

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We had a great beginning to our year! The slideshow shows brain breaks of dancing and yoga, taking our reading inventory on the computer, lunch and wonderings.

-Our classroom newsletter will be posted to this blog the first day of every week for our parents. This information, THIRD GRADE NEWS, will let you know what will be happening during the coming week, sprinkled with some review from the previous week. Hopefully you have already subscribed to the blog using the subscription button on the right sidebar beneath the castle picture, which will ensure that you receive each post to your email.

-The student Kidblog will be where you will go to see the homework and student writing. Salem has adopted the guide of using ten minutes of homework for each grade level, meaning that third graders should have no more than 30 minutes of homework a night. (If your child ends up having more than that on a consistent basis, please let me know so we can work together to solve the problem.)

-The bulk of our homework this year will be time spent reading, however it will also include math practice, extra class research, memory, spelling, etc. At the third grade level I would hope that reading at home has already become a habit. If not, now is a great time to MAKE it a habit!! (Remember: TODAY A READER-—TOMORROW A LEADER!) We will be recording our reading accomplishments each morning on a Google Drive document, as well as (More info coming soon!) If for some reason your child cannot spend the required time reading (Little League, Angel game, sister’s performance at Performing Arts Center, etc.), please write me a short note explaining when you plan to make up the time (tomorrow, this weekend, etc.). This week we are building our stamina so the time for the reading assignment may seem scant. Next week the minimum time required will be at least 15 minutes. (If you already read more than 15 minutes a night, first: Good for you!!!; second, please continue your original habits!)

-A music contract from Mrs. Busch went home last Thurs. with the dates for singing in church and for musicals. Please return it with a parent signature ASAP. (Keep the schedule and just return the signed agreement statement.)

-Check out the Scholastic Book Club order form coming home on Tuesday. This order has an excellent selection of books from which to choose, all at a very reasonable price. To place your order online from home, click here: Scholastic Book Club. Our activation code is: GQNWD. If you would like to order the old-fashioned way, you may send the order form and a check to our classroom. I will keep the order open until the morning of Sept. 9. With each order, our class earns Scholastic bonus points to use to improve our own class library! And every order made online earns our classroom library new books, as well as a gift certificate for more books for the student who orders!

COMPUTERS: Laptops are new to many of us and learning how to use them doesn’t always come easily. Please expect frustration and misunderstandings as we struggle through learning all the hundreds of new “clicks” your child is being shown. I promise that as time goes on they will become VERY fluent. Remind them often that frustration is part of learning and that in order to learn something well, it needs to be practiced over and over. Compare it with learning to play the piano. Nobody sits down to a piano for the first time and plays a symphony.

– Mark your calendar for these important events:

  • -Labor Day—Mon, Sept. 7—no school
  • -Back to School Night—Tues, Sept. 8@6:30–Come ask everything you ever wanted to know about third grade
  • -School Opening Service–Sun, Sept 13, 10:30–join us after church for BBQ and fellowship

I’m looking forward to our first full week together. If you have any questions, please email me at ☺

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We Made It Through Our First Full Day!

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Our first full day went well. We met at the flagpole to begin our chapel and then headed into the gym for chapel with Mrs. Arldt.

Here are a couple of reminders:

Doors open at 8:10 and school begins at 8:30.

Make sure you bring your computer and that it is charged and ready to go!

Send in a water bottle since our fountain has hot water.

Although we have time for a snack at our 11:00 recess, we will take a break for a snack around 9:45 also, for those who are big eaters and need to have brain fuel earlier than that. A second snack can be eaten at 11:00 if needed. Our lunch is at 12:40.

Your child should have two books from our library with him/her. The homework tonight is to read for at least 5 minutes (We are building our stamina.) and make a comment on our kidblog.

Fun Friday is tomorrow. Any stuffed animals, dolls, blankets, etc will be kept outside our classroom until Fun Friday at 2:00. (Tip: Anything brought to school that can not be carried by a third grader is too big to bring.)

Circle begins at 3:00.

Our daily schedule has changed. For an update, click here.

FYI: I will not usually be making posts every day–this info is only in honor of the beginning of school. :)

If you have any other questions, email me at


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Great First Day!

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I had a great time today! I hope everyone else feels the same way.

Here are a couple of things about our first FULL day of school tomorrow:

Make sure your homework is completed tonight for Thursday morning: Click here for homework assignment

Doors open at 8:10 and school begins at 8:30.

Bring a snack, a water bottle and a lunch.

Make sure your child brings the computer and that it is charged and ready to go!

Circle begins at 3:00. Make sure the placard is in the front window to expedite loading. 

Booster Club T-shirts for sale through Friday morning at The Well.

If you have any other questions, email me at

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Less Than 24 Hours!!

school_classIt was so great to see everyone today! In less than 24 hours we will begin our year together. I sure hope I can sleep tonight! Here are a couple quick reminders:

Charge your computer tonight and bring it with you (in the case). Mr. Busch will be helping us log-in to our emails and GoogleDrive.

The doors open at 8:10 and school begins at 8:30.

We WILL have a short recess tomorrow so pack a snack.

Bring a water bottle. (Our classroom water runs hot.)

It’s a half day and school will be dismissed at 11:30. At that time we will meet our parents at circle. If you will have siblings in grades 5-8, plan to be picked up at Big Circle. Everyone else will go to Little Circle.

If you have any other questions, email me at

See you bright and early!


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Computers and School Photos on Tuesday, Aug. 25


I am ready to have you bring your third grader to see the classroom on Tuesday, Aug. 25. I will open the doors at 10:45 so we can sort all the supplies and be ready for Mr. Busch to pass out the computers. He will also explain a couple things about maintenance and upkeep at that time. At 11:20 we will head to the gym as a class to get our photos taken.

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, please do so ASAP as that is where I will put all the updates and information for our year together. If you think of something else I could add to the pages on the top of the blog to help you understand third grade more clearly, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting this year off to a great beginning!

If you have any questions, please email me at

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Welcome to Mrs. Surridge’s Third Grade Class 2015/2016

school_collectionHello Third Grade Parents! If you were sent this link from Salem Lutheran School on Aug. 14, 2015, it’s because I get to spend the year with you and your third grader! WooHoo!

Please share this note with your child:

Dear Third Grade Student,

If you are here it is probably because you are in third grade with Mrs. Surridge. Yay! That means we will be spending the 2015-2016 school year together. I’m so excited to meet you and your family and to begin our learning together. Before we know it we will be in the classroom getting to know each other and looking forward to all the terrific times we will share!

In third grade we will learn more about the Bible, God’s love and His plan for our lives. We will practice being independent learners, making good choices and, most importantly, how to think. We will also explore, reflect on and discuss ideas related to the world that God created. I am excited to see what YOU will teach me!

If you look at the at the top of our classroom blog, you will see page titles. Click on the page titles to learn more about third grade. If I were you I would especially check out the About Third GradeDaily Schedule and the Fun Friday pages.

Here are a few things you should know right away:

You may bring all your supplies with you on Tuesday, Aug. 25, when you come to Salem to pick up your computer and have your school photo taken. That way you won’t have to carry everything in on the first day of school.

Bring a bottle of water with you each day as our classroom water fountain mostly throws out warm water that isn’t very tasty. You should also bring a snack or two for our breaks. 

You might be excited to know that we will be using our computers EVERY day so make sure you get used to charging your computer each night so you have enough power to get you through the whole day.

Your first assignment, is to leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite thing about second grade was. I would also love to know what you have read over the summer and what you are looking forward to in third grade. Just click on words: “Leave a comment” under the bus image and let me know! 

Finally, I look forward to seeing you when you come get your computers on Aug. 25! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

P.S. Here is our class list: Jack, Domenic, Adrian, Grace, Cade, Ethan, Joey, Blake, Skyler, Landon, Chawnee, Luke, Zach, Gaby, Lia, Joshua, Bella, Lexi and Jordyn


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Please Unsubscribe

Happy August! If you receive this post in your email, please know that I am going to re-activate this blog after leaving it quiet for the past year. To unsubscribe, scroll to the bottom of this email and click “unsubscribe”. If you have any questions you can either leave a comment on this blog post, or email me at

Of course, if you would like to find out what is happening in third grade for the 2015/16 school year, you may keep the subscription! (Unfortunately, I can’t unsubscribe for you.)

Many blessings in 15/16. Stop in and say hi anytime!

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